At the Cross!


We live in a flawed world where sin is often socially accepted. But, this was never the goal of our Creator. Our Heavenly Father is holy. The Holiest! He created us to live in peace, free from pain, from suffering, from sickness and from dirtiness. With one bite, this all changed. Sin separates us from God.. However, His Promise was clear from the beginning and His Promise was sent to us to rescue us from this despair. His Promise frees us- from sickness. From all of this dirtiness!

Jesus left Heaven, where He was adored, worshiped and sat next to God so He could come to Earth to save us from our sin. He willingly left Heaven to do this for all of us. While He was here, He healed the sick. Raised the dead. Prayed. Befriended people that most of us would turn our back on! While Jesus was on Earth- He was ridiculed by many. Denied. Betrayed by one of His best friends. Slandered. Overlooked. Beaten. Murdered. Jesus left Heaven knowing exactly what would happen to Him. And, He did this for you. For me. For everyone!

I live in a world that is consumed by material items. I live in a world where I am often more accepted when my actions are deviant rather than pleasing to God. I live in a world that denies Jesus as the Messiah. I live in a world where I am often ridiculed for praying out loud or saying the name of my Lord and Savior. But- Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” And He has!

As the Resurrection of Jesus approaches, many will enjoy bunnies, baskets and candy. My prayer is that you will remember Him who overcame this world. There is peace. There is healing. There is Eternity through Christ!


He is Risen and He lives in Me!


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