Today- I saw a mom…


Today, I saw a mom who looked tired. Her hair was barely brushed and she was wearing an oversized T shirt and comfy pants. I could see the gray streaks glistening throughout her hair. When she removed her sunglasses, her eyes looked heavy and dark. Her flip flops allowed me to see that she had chipped nail polish on her toes. She was not wearing any make up.

I saw the sacrifices she was making for her children but wondered if anyone else truly saw this for what it was. She was holding one of her children while the others were walking to the park. When they arrived at the park, the kids began to play. Instead of sitting down and pulling out her phone, I saw this mom engaging with her children. She was running with them, catching them as they came down the slide, pushing them in swings and laughing with each child- the entire time.

She looked familiar. Her hair was once styled and shiny and the color was once even. She used to walk straight and would never miss a weekly pedicure appointment. Her eyes were not always affected by lack of sleep from a restless child, illness, worry, insomnia or late night feedings. She was once independent, hip, career oriented and driven. She once had time to herself.

Today, I saw the most beautiful mom who was devoted to her children. A mom who sacrificed everything she once was and once had- to ensure that her children had all of her! Despite the grays, wrinkles and un-pedicured toes, she was the most beautiful mom I have ever seen!

Today, I saw you! Thank you for being this ALL in mom!


“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.”    -Isaiah 66:13



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